Green Road-Based Mode

The green road-based mode runs on roads and does not require a physical rail track. Examples are Green Bus System and Trackless Tram. The green road-based mode will use green energy sources: electricity is commonly used at the moment, and hydrogen is starting to become widely used. The Government will closely monitor the development of green transport technologies and select a suitable system in a timely manner.


Green Road-Based Mode
Green Road-Based Mode

Features of Green Road-based Mode

  • Operate on Dedicated and Shared Road

    Operate on Dedicated and Shared Road

    Recommended to be grade separated from other road traffic at major road junctions to achieve smooth overall traffic.

  • Passenger-friendly Design

    Passenger-friendly Design

    Equipped with real-time arrival information display panels. Bays/passing lanes will be provided for flexible route services.

  • Can adopt Off-board Fare Collection System

    Can Adopt Off-board Fare Collection System

    Allow shorter boarding and alighting time.

  • Adopt Low-floor Design

    Adopt Low-floor Design

    Fast and convenient boarding and alighting.